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Wabasha Deli and Cafe 32 E. Fillmore Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55107 (651) 291-8868 6:00 am - 3:00 pm M-F

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Wabasha Deli East - Formally JP's 160 Kellogg Blvd E. Saint Paul, MN 55101 (651) 266-4089 7:30 am - 2:00 pm M-F

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Educated Palate @ Metro State University 700 E. 7th St, Saint Paul, MN 55106 (651) 793-1706 8:00 am - 1:30 pm M-F | SUMMER SESSION

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Wabasha Deli @ Landmark Towers 345 Saint Peter Street, Saint Paul, MN 55102 (651) 224-5573 7:30 am - 2:00 pm M-F

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For 25 years, The Wabasha Deli and Café, has provided great food and friendly service in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The current owner Stephen R. Mike has worked at the deli since 2001, his wife Josie also worked there for many years and his children have held jobs there. His son, Benjamin, currently works along side Stephen and handles the day-to-day operations.

Stephen's culinary experience began at an early age when he helped his grandmother cook for church functions. "Back in those days, grandmas all cooked for the church, so I learned to cook from all the old church ladies." Stephen had a long career in graphic design but gravitated back to cooking.

Stephen and Benjamin believe that the Wabasha Deli & Cafe is one of the last true "Mom and Pop Shops" around. They have many faithful customers and one of their missions is to know them by name. Stephen, Benjamin and staff insure menu items are fresh daily with the attention every customer wants. Wabasha Deli is famous for their made-from-scratch meals and fresh product.


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Our principles in catering are home-style cooking, generous portions and stellar service. Our specialties include traditional Lebanese, Italian, and American cuisine. Stephen, the owner and chef, uses traditional family recipes to provide a uniquely specialized culinary experience. As a small family owned business, we have the ability to create any number of menu items; your imagination is the only limit.

We specialize in menu customization. Our unique ability to listen to your dining needs and creating a menu matching those needs sets us apart.

The Wabasha Deli & Café catering offers four levels of service: pick up delivery casual, semi-formal and formal. All services include custom menu planning and tastings if needed.

• Pick-up or delivery service: fast casual service, order from the menu for pick-up or delivery.

• Casual service: includes custom menu planning, deliciously prepared, timely delivery and setup.

• Semi- formal: includes the above with servers at the serving station and table clearing service.

• Formal: includes the above with full plated table service, beverage and table clearing service.